5 Reasons Why Sex Is The Best Exercise Routine


5 Reasons Why Sex Is The Best Exercise Routine

Posted OnMarch 8, 2017 0

Many people are looking for a good way to burn calories. When it comes to burning calories, most prefer to exercise or workout in a gym. That would definitely help anyone out in burning those unwanted fats. But for people who want to burn calories fast, jogging isn’t going to cut it right away. People often criticize about the idea of sex as an exercise, but sex is actually a good way to burn those calories. Yes, you read it right. Training in gym with exercise tools can help you gain a fit body but sex can bring more benefits than going to the gym. Knowledge dictates that sex burns 100 calories per half hour. That’s a lot more times than jogging.

Sex, in its own way, can be safe or dangerous. People who have no idea about contraceptives and jump right into sex will have a high chance of getting pregnant. So if you are thinking of sex as a regular exercise regimen, please use caution and make sure it is safe to do so.

As mentioned before, sex has a potential to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. Not only does it use almost all the muscle of the human body to reduce fats, but it also has other health benefits as well. Here are 5 reasons why sex is the best exercise routine.

1. It promotes heart health. Sex does not only reduce one’s calories but it is also good for the heart. Earning intimacy accomplishes that and a lot more. That means not only are you getting emotional benefits, but physically too. Sex 3 times a week may reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. That’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

2. It develops and strengthens the immune system. Sex helps a person’s immune system get stronger. Sex once a week will increase immunoglobulin A by 30 percent. Immunoglobulin A is an antibody that helps your body ward off viruses and diseases. That means a free flu shot by having sex to avoid that hurtful needle.

3. It can help relieve pain and stress. Studies show that sex reduces all kinds of pain. During intercourse, the body produces endorphins that helps get rid of discomfort. If you or your partner are hurting, sex is a good way to get rid of those headaches and feeling pleasure in one package.

4. It helps prevent cancer. Women who do not have sex have three times the risk than those having regular sex to acquire breast cancer. In other words, sex also helps enforce cancer immunity.

5. It aids in making you look ten years younger. According to several studies made, sex indeed makes you bloom and look younger than your real age. Sex can help you get rid of those wrinkles without those anti-wrinkles cream. It can also give a great aura the following morning after a great night with your partner.

Sex makes a great exercise because of these great benefits that some exercises do not really bring. So if you do not have the patience to go to gym and follow strict exercise and food diet, you can choose to make your body healthy by a more fun method that is sex.

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