How To Improve Your Woman’s Sex Drive, Quickly And Easily


How To Improve Your Woman’s Sex Drive, Quickly And Easily

Posted OnMarch 8, 2017 0

You are about to discover how to quickly and easily improve your woman’s sex drive.

You must read this article if one or more of the following apply to you:

– Your woman rarely wants sex.

– Your woman’s sex drive has steadily declined over a period of time (be it weeks, months or years).

– You are single, BUT you have experienced relationships in the past where your girlfriend, fiancĂ©e or wife at the time either never wanted sex or rarely wanted to have sex with you.

– You have to ask or beg your woman for sex.

Oftentimes, when a woman’s sex drive decreases the following excuses are used by herself, her man, her friends and perhaps even her doctor:

– Age. The thinking here is that as a woman gets older her sex drive has to decrease

– Relationship status. The idea here is that when a woman has been with a certain man for a period of time (be it 6 months, 2 years or 10 years), her sex drive will naturally decrease

Let me tell you that the above two excuses that people use all the time are completely lame!

Now let me tell you why I say that…

The real secret as to why a woman’s sex drive decreases is because the sex she is getting from her man is not good enough.

You may think this is harsh and unfair but if you want to improve your woman’s sex drive, you must read on.

You see, most men give their woman really bad sex. Let me give you a few statistics that highlight this point:

– 30% of women have never had a orgasm – not a single one

– 70% of women have never had a vaginal orgasm

Now consider the fact that vaginal orgasms are way more powerful, intense and pleasurable for a woman than clitoral orgasms (the kind that most women rely on) and you can see that most men are not really giving their woman anything like the kind of sexual satisfaction in the bedroom that she wants, needs and craves.

Now add to all that the fact that women also have the potential to experience squirting orgasms, anal orgasms and even orgasms with no touching whatsoever (YES, really) and you will see that the majority of men are ‘really not doing it for their woman’ in the bedroom.

Now here’s the thing – I’m going to give you 3 things that you must start doing right away and when you do them, you will rapidly increase your woman’s sex drive.

Trust me when I say this – 99% of men don’t do what I’m about to share with you. So make sure you do these things and you will make your woman want more sex than ever before.

Here we go…

3 Ways To Improve Your Woman’s Sex Drive

1. Lead Your Woman In The Bedroom

As far as sex goes – your woman wants you to take control. So be a man and lead her through each and every sexual adventure you share with her.

Do not ever ask for sex.

Instead, be a real man and instigate it.

2. Talk Dirty

For a woman – sex is a very mental thing.

Therefore, you must stimulate her mind. In the bedroom, you do this by using your voice and TALKING DIRTY.

This is the most powerful technique a man can use in the bedroom. Be believable and speak clearly, deeply and with authority.

You will be amazed at how much your woman loves this.

3. Do Something Different Every Time You Have Sex With Your Woman

Many women get bored of the sex.

And one major reason why they get bored is because their man makes it boring by doing the same things over and over again.

The solution is simple (yet most men fail to see it). The solution and a great way to improve your woman’s sex drive, is to make the sex different every time.

Start using these three ideas tonight and you will be amazed at how much more sex your woman wants to have with you.

You’ll also be amazed at how much more pleasure you give her and how many orgasms she starts to have.

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